Monday, January 19, 2009

Hero of Rome

Above is the latest advertising campaign for Miu Miu starring Katie Holmes.

The source of inspiration for this stunning photograph is the legend of Gaius Mucius Scaevola, dating towards the beginning of the Roman Republic. He was a noble Roman citizen, famous for his bravery. When the Etruscan king Lars Porsenna besieged Rome, a young Gaius Mucius attempted to assassinate him. He mistakenly killed one of Porsenna's secretaries instead. When brought before Porsenna, he thrust his right hand into the flame that was meant to be his punishment. Having shown no sign of pain, Porsenna was impressed by his courage and freed him. Upon his return to the city, he was given the surname Scaevola, or lefty, because his right hand was maimed. The Senate then granted him the land Mucia Prata, or Mucian Medows.

Ancient Rome is a great source of inspiration in women's wear today. Women's garments at that time did not usually have elaborate construction, but were often very decorated by the use of dying, printing, and plise'. Thin belts were then tied around the waist to give shape to the dresses.

Miu Miu's advertising campaign represents the strength, courage, and loyalty that they see in their muse as well as the inspiration they used for their collection of beautifully pleated garments.

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