Monday, October 5, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

While most trend research these days points to sustainable fashion, Ungaro went in another direction and appointed Lindsay Lohen as artistic director.  Most designers endure years of schooling, interning, sweat and tears to follow their passion.  It is difficult for any fashion designer to accept that a Hollywood starlet can go to a beautiful Parisian atelier and claim such a position.  Clearly Ungaro is trying a commercial angle to revive a brand in these very troubled times.  The most disturbing aspect to LiLo as artistic director is what this says about our society.  Are we as a culture so caught up in fame for fame's sake that it takes a celebrity without any outstanding qualities besides her scandals to revive one of the finest fashion labels in history?  Only time will tell and the measure will be Ungaro's success in sales.  

On a positive note, Ungaro made a fabulous choice in hiring the emerging designer Estrella Archs.  Her work is beautiful, she is a graduate from the most prestigious school in fashion and has worked for some of the top brands.  I look forward to seeing how she evolves with the brand and am confident that she can lead the Ungaro team to fine fashion.

P.S. I'm guessing that the heart shaped pasties under the blazers on the runway was a LiLo choice.