Monday, February 14, 2011

Find Your Perfect Pout for Spring 2011

A powerful pout is a Spring 2011 trend as well as a necessary element to becoming your own style icon. How to pick the perfect hue? Simon Doonan's advice in Eccentric Glamour is to have a cosmo or two before setting out for the cosmetic counters. Personally, I skipped the booze and went straight to Chanel at Saks Fifth Avenue where my friend Janae pointed out a few creamy rouges to try. I took my time making up my mind to say the least, trying one per day to fully experience each pigmentation. Finally, I settled on Chanel #19, and here I will stay.... for this season at least. It is bright on my light skin and certainly makes the statement I was hoping for! What better way to celebrate this holiday?

Happy Valentine's Day, Lex


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you too!

  2. Your posts are great - intelligent and current.