Sunday, March 27, 2011

Luxe Loves By Lex: Paris Fashion Week, Fall 2011 Chanel

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Karl Lagerfeld for the House of Chanel resonates with me like no other..... every season.  The setting for the Fall 2011 runway collection is a forest in a post-apocalyptic fairytale, where beautiful girls dressed as boys look tough but feminine, if not somewhat disheveled, while listening to The Cure.  Mr. Lagerfeld says the inspiration is Winter, in the north of Europe, where the forest has been destroyed.  The looks are young, easy to wear yet luxurious, all without giving the impression of being seemingly over-thought.  This certainly is not a collection for the socialite, but perfect for the existentialist.

The baggy silhouette and distressed fabrics are a wonderful contrast to the common tailored menswear looks seen this Fall 2011 runway season.  Combat boots with girly frocks, chunky knits, long fingerless gloves, ankle warmers, and the creative layering of skirts over jeans all seem reminisent of the nineties Seattle grunge movement.  Could Karl be hinting that a gothic immortal may to be lurking in the midst, making a connection with pop culture?

In Chanel's dark fairytale, the feeling is more romantic than aggressive, thanks to the strong presence of gray, giving a softness to the collection.  These ladies are ready for tough times, and plan on doing it in style.


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