Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rock and Fashion

Image courtesy of Vogue
Emanuelle Alt has taken the reigns as the editor in chief of French Vogue.  As usual, the most talked about decisions she makes is who graces the glossy cover each month.  Her first issue donned Giselle and the second, Kate Moss.  Clearly, she is playing it safe, even stylistically, and searching to revive the supermodel era of the 80's and 90's.  And though I believe models go hand-in-hand with magazines, time marches on, as do stylistic references in modern day culture.  

Lately, fashion has moved beyond the supermodels and celebrities (a.k.a. actresses) to its latest fascination with rock stars.  Albeit rockers have always had their place in fashion, influencing the public and designers from grunge to punk, now they have never seemed more glamorous.  The press is fascinated with Lady Gaga and Rihanna (left), both of whom have been the recent cover girls of US Vogue.  Elle Magazine released the Music Issue in April, featuring Gwen Stefani, Willow Smith, Robyn and Nicki Minaj, among many others.

Although actresses and supermodels are beautiful, they don't express the creative individuality like that of musicians.   These artists give us direction and inspiration in our daily lives, allowing us the freedom to express ourselves.  

Though, if I were at the head of French Vogue my first model choice would be someone new to covers, original, and an up-and-comer:  Andrej Pejic



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