Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Am Raf

With the appointments and disappointments of design directors at major fashion houses, we now expect it like we expect pleats and cashmere in September.  Known as the worst kept secret in fashion Raf Simons has taken the throne at Calvin Klein.  

Why it is good:  There has never been a better fit between a new designer and the existing house aesthetic.  The clients will be happy and remain loyal, especially those that loved Calvin Klein when he was still designing.  Raf is a minimalist designer like CK and will have no issues with maintaining the codes of the brand.

What is the challenge:  It is an obvious choice which will not shake the earth.  Unlike other brands of late who deviate from the history of the original designer to shock the market and create demand.  Maybe with the approach Calvin Klein took of finding the best candidate for the job we will actually see longevity in the decision.

What we can look forward to:  Androgynous looks with a sensual edge.  A serious 90's in New York revival is at hand and we can not wait!  

Raf has the power to make American fashion cool again.