Sunday, January 1, 2017

Legends and Fairytales

Fendi 90th Anniversary Collection at The Fountain of Trevi in Rome 2016
Once upon a time, in the fabulous land of fashion, a new buzzword emerged.......   storytelling.  Every great designer had a fable to share, filled with delicate princesses and dominating queens, what a romantic year 2016 had been.

Many designers can be subtle in their references, but the fairy godfather Karl Lagerfeld likes to take a more decisive and directional stance in his work.  He created a collection by interpreting Kay Nielsen's illustrations from Taschen's recent reprint of East of the Sun, West of the Moon.  And what an interpretation it was....

First there were furs fit for a palace, midnight blues of the royals, and princess sequins.  And then came the literal details of woodlands, birds, and petals.  All mixed together formed an enchanting evening at the Fountain of Trevi; a place where wishes are granted and dreams can come true.

Creating castles in the air, please keep inspiring the romantics in us all.



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